The conditioners are meant for cooling buildings. They are known for offering the best cooling capacity. For them to work effectively, they require split-system features. As far as cooling is concerned, HVAC systems mounted on the roof are considered to be very convenient. Mounting them on the roof is also helpful in reducing the noise levels. Some of the essential factors that you need to consider when buying an air conditioner include cost, size, efficiency, ease of installation, and energy consumption. Buying devices having a high efficiency will help you in minimizing energy consumption.

Rooftop-mounted units are known for providing a reliable and long-lasting performance. They alsrooftop HVAC systemo have an outstanding warranty and an energy-efficient operation. The unit purchased should be capable of meeting the heat requirements for your home. There are many companies that are selling roof mounted HVAC systems. Icemasters is one of the best firms that are specialized in air conditioners. They can greatly help you in finding the best rooftop solution that meets all your needs. Their systems are designed with humiditrol dehumidification technology that is helpful in removing more humidity thereby making the living environment more comfortable. Their units are available in different sizes.

Common pitfalls

Many people have been buying large units than what they need. They believe that such units will cool more effectively. However, this is not the case. Large machines or units are not effective in removing humidity. Having the right size of an air conditioner is one of the critical decisions that need to be made when purchasing one. The main downfall of roof mounted units is that they are very difficult to service.

Buying a rooftop conditioner

There are different products or brands on the market that you can choose from. When purchasing your unit, it is important to compare the services and products offered by the different companies. You should choose the company that is offering the best deal. Some firms will even offer free cooling and heating estimates.


moneyMost of the roof-mounted HVAC systems range between 1000-6000 USD. The price is dependent on the efficiency levels and the amount of heat produced (BTU offered). Units having high-efficiency rates and cooling capacities cost more money than the small units. However, these systems will greatly help you in saving a considerable amount of money in the long run.

Installation tips

These units are directly exposed to sunlight. This is something that makes them overheat. Overheating is known for reducing their efficiencies. This means that they should be installed on a roof that gets the least amount of sunlight.