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Understanding mobile home sizes and prices

The easiest way to categorize and get a mental picture of manufactured home prices is to break it up by types. There are three main categories of mobile homes that have few significant differences between them except for size. However, we can reassure you from the start that most manufactured homes are far more affordable than stick-built homes.

New or secondhand?

Good question. Buying secondhand (or pre-loved, if you prefer) anything can be a great way to shave off extra cost for the same thing, sometimes with a negligible loss of condition. While nothing beats that “new car smell,” secondary mobile homes are a convenient and viable way to purchase your new manufactured home from mobile home buyers.

However, you should make some extra considerations to ensure that you still get a good deal and can comfortably and peacefully occupy your new residence.

Important things to consider before you make your big purchase

HUD Code compliance: Ensure that the home is built post-1976 and that it has been kept up to date with the most vital updates to the HUD Code since then. You can hire a contractor to certify the home or establish it’s HUD-status.

Age: Newer homes benefit from groundbreaking improvements in the construction and safety standards of dwellings that improve almost every year. However, the care and maintenance of home say much more about its condition than its actual age.

Source: Some sources are the most trustworthy and easier to deal with than others. Make sure that everything is done above board and inform yourself so that you can’t get duped easily.

Financing: Financing a second-hand home purchase hinges on the home’s compliance with the HUD code just like a new model. It will also depend on whether the house has been moved before.

Be aware of potential customization options

If you are buying new, you will be ecstatic to know that most manufacturers offer customization options for their home models. The materials and manufacturing process used for these types of homes lends themselves well to customization. Using computer-aided design, manufacturers can effortlessly change floor plans and swap accessories like appliances, storage, etc.

This means that you can get something much closer to your dream home straight off the showroom. The customization options available are becoming more diverse and extensive time. It has become a distinguishing factor when choosing which manufacturer to buy from.