Tips for Buying the Best Sofa for Your House

A sofa is among the top things you will ever purchase for your house. It is a critical piece of furniture in the living room and serves so many purposes. You can sit on it, read you your books there, use it to entertain guests, sleep on it, watch TV when sitting on the sofa and so many other uses. Therefore, you must make the right choice when buying your couch.

Here are the key things to consider when buying a sofa:

Check the Measurements

check the measurementsYou would not want to pay a massive amount of cash only to realize that the sofa is too large to fit your space. It is even worse to buy the couch and find it cannot get into the room via the door because it is too big to fit there. You need to take a tape measure and take the trouble to measure all dimensions to ensure they will not only fit but also suit your living room. Also, ensure it leave enough space for other pieces of complementing furniture like shelves and TV rack, and allow free movements.

Consider the Quality of the Frame

consider the frameBecause the frame is the one that makes a sofa have its good shape, maintains its stability, and determine how long it will last, you must do all it takes to get a top-notch frame for your sofa. If possible, invest in a frame made of hardwood.

However, it would help if you steered away from metal and particleboard constructions for frames. It would also help to get a guarantee for the frame before you part with your money for it. Typically, settle for a manufacturer who gives you no less than a 15-year guarantee.

Consider the Fabric of the Sofa

look at the fabricYou must also get it right when it comes to the upholstery fabric, no matter if you choose a neutral color, a pattern, or a bold color because it will affect your room’s blend. You must ensure that whatever fabric you choose blends well with your room’s scheme. You also need to know that natural fabrics tend to fade fast; thus, you should buy a synthetic material if the sofa will be positioned next to the window.

This is even more crucial if your living room is a busy place where you are ever hosting visitors or having the family there. You should also choose an easy-to-clean fabric if you have pets like dogs and cats, so you can spotlessly clean it. Another option is to invest in loose covers because they are easily removable for cleaning.


Choosing the Best Sofa for Home

The number of options that are there when it comes to choosing the best sofa for a home is infinite. It is a major investment and the first item that your friends and families will see when they visit your home. For this reason, the decision you make should not be hasty as you do not want to regret in the future due to an ill thought out purchase. You might think you have the idea of what exactly you want to buy, but wait until you set foot into a shop or browse for images online and see the shapes, customization options, and styles that are available. It is at this moment that you become overwhelmed. Save yourself the potential buyer’s remorse, time and money by using these tips that will guide you in choosing the best sofa for your home.


sofaThe Size and Shape

If you have a bigger living room, then consider a big couch. A big sofa in a big living room will fill in a considerable amount of space. Your living room will not be too squeezed or too open. If you wish to fill your living room with other staff such as chairs and a coffee table, then consider a simple sofa or a slight L-shape one. Also, if you are looking for a couch that will be at the focal point of your living room, then choose a round-shaped couch. They will provide more seating space and take a bit more of the room.

Try it Out Before you Buy

Just as cars have test drives, so do sofas. When you try the couch out, there are two things you have to check that is the seat depth and seat height. The appropriate seat depth should be sixty centimeters as it offers plenty of room for you to maneuver your legs as well as tuck them under. Different sofas have different seat depth; therefore, it is appropriate to check that out. The seat height varies; however, the appropriate one is between forty-five and fifty centimeters high. Also, remember to check out the total width while excluding the armrests.


comfortableCheck the Cushions

Regardless of whether the exterior material is made up of 100% Italian leather, the components in the interior will always carry the day. There are two types of cushions. One is filled up with feather and the other one filled up with foam fillings. The feather-filled cushions are comfy, but they regularly need plumping. The foam-filled cushions are also comfy, but they easily flatten out and lose their primary shape. A combination of feather and foam should be what you are looking for when choosing the best sofa for your home. The foam will give it a good structure while the feathers will provide the cushion with a squishy feeling.

Emphasize on the Fabric

The fabric of the sofa you choose should fit the scheme in your home. Consider selecting a couch made up of synthetic fabric as the natural fabric quickly fades in intense sunlight. If you have a pet or general a busy family, consider opting for fabric that is easy to spot dirt as well as easy to clean.