Three Reasons to Replace Wood with Glass in Your Fire Pit

Most people would love having some fire burning at home to keep them warm. As fire glass becomes increasingly popular due to the benefits they provide, most homeowners have been replacing firewood with this efficient and practical alternative. Notwithstanding, the use of fire glass also offers some aesthetic benefits. If you are planning to ditch wood for fire glass, the following reasons should make your decisions easy.

Fire Glass Makes Fire Pits Easy to Clean

The use of firewood in your fire pits leaves a residue, ash, which has to be cleaned. At times, especially when using it inside the home, wood also leaves you struggling to clean away the soot produced as the wood burns. The fact that firewood requires some considerable work makes it a turn off to many homeowners looking, particularly those that are aware of the practical benefits offered by gas fire pits.

Fire glass eliminates the need for fire pit cleaning. You probably have to use the fire glass for a considerable amount of time before cleaning. But if you notice that the fire glass needs some cleaning, you only need to wipe clean using some conventional household detergents to restore its shine.

Fire Glass is More Efficient

The use of wood comes with an ongoing responsibility of supplying wood. As much as this might not be a primary concern to someone living close to a forest, the process of collecting firewood and ensuring it is dry is undoubtedly tedious, especially during the colder months. Fire glass, on the other hand, is an incredible alternative that is not only efficient but also long-lasting. Fire glass has the potential to last for almost a lifetime, but some homeowners are fond of changing the colors for aesthetic benefits.

Fire Glass is Good for Your Health and the Environment

Besides ease of use, fire glass is known to offer some fantastic environmental benefits. The fuel used in gas pits does not leave smokes or fumes that put the lives of your family members at risk of respiratory problems. On the other hand, fire glasses are created from recycled materials, and this makes them friendly to the environment. They also reduce deforestation, as they reduce the reliance on wood.