Benefits of Planting Leyland Cypress Trees at Home

When you build a home, one of the considerations that you have to make is how to make it beautiful. The best recommendation is planting trees around your home. The Leyland Cypress trees are the best trees options that you have for a beautiful home. When you plant this tree species, you will enjoy various benefits.

Top reasons for planting Leyland Cypress trees at home

Fast growth

The number one benefit of planting Leyland Cypress trees at your home is that they Leyland Cypress treegrow at a very fast rate. Unlike other tree species, this one takes less time to grow making it an ideal tree species for homeowners who want trees that grow fast. It takes only a year for Leyland Cypress trees to grow to about five feet.

Offer excellent privacy

Another benefit that you get is the exclusive privacy that Leyland Cypress trees offer to homeowners. When they grow, Leyland Cypress trees grow big enough to block your neighbors or passersby from having a view of your compound.

Offer physical barrier

Apart from just blocking people from seeing inside the compound, the trees also act as physical barriers that protect the home from intruders. The Leyland Cypress trees offer a shield for your property. The trees have thick foliage and a unique branching system designed that makes it tough for intruders to get through.

They are beautiful

One of the major benefits of planting Leyland Cypress trees is in their beauty. These trees are gorgeous and work to add beauty to the whole home. The beauty of the trees also makes the home quite attractive for everyone viewing the home. Therefore, you can plant the trees with the sole purpose of adding beauty to your home.

Promote good health

Leyland Cypress treesThe Leyland Cypress trees have feathery foliage that helps in trapping particulate pollution. This act makes people in the neighborhood to breathe with much ease. This is not the only way they promote good health in the neighborhood for the trees also offer the much-needed shade during summer season making it possible for people to stay outside without burning in the sun. During winter, the trees provide a haven for wild birds.

Increase property price

Homes that have mature Leyland Cypress trees have increased home value. If you are planning to sell your home in the future, then you should consider planting Cypress trees since they will help in increasing the value of the home. The increase in home value can go as high as 15% when you plant Leyland Cypress.